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Previously known as MGM Advantage and Stonehaven, we are a well-established company that can trace its roots back to 1852. In 2015 we changed our name to Retirement Advantage – merging our retirement income and equity release divisions, to help us provide those who are in, at or approaching retirement with a range of simple, secure and flexible products to suit their needs.

Every year thousands of retirees rely on us for their income. We have more than £1 billion of funds under our management, and a heritage dating back over 150 years. What’s more, we’re rated as financially strong by AKG (an independent company that specialises in providing ratings for the financial services industry).

What we do

As a company that specialises in retirement, we believe we know the needs of our customers better. Our award-winning expertise has allowed us to create products that can help your clients live well in retirement, using the money in pensions and/or the value of property.  And, to help stay in complete control, we’ll provide you and your clients with the tools you need to plan and track your chosen product over time.

Our Products


Guaranteed Annuity

For information:  Guaranteed Annuity

Flexible Income Annuity

For information:  Flexible Income Annuity


Equity Release

An overview of our Lifetime Mortgage products:

1. Lump Sum Options

For information: Lump Sum Options

 2. Interest Select Options

For information: Interest Select Options

 3. Voluntary Select Options

For information: Voluntary Select Options

 4. Lifestyle Options

For information: Lifestyle Options




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