Lifetime Mortgages

Helping your clients release tax-free cash from their homes


As more people live longer and want to make the most of their retirement years, their pension savings may have to stretch further than they had initially planned.  Whether they need to find additional sources of funds or boost their income, Lifetime Mortgages could be the solution they are looking for.


As a leading provider of Lifetime Mortgages*, we’ve helped tens of thousands of customers to release over £3.5bn from their homes.

Our Lump Sum Plus Lifetime Mortgage helps clients who want to access the maximum possible share of the money locked up in their home. Our enhanced option uses our expert underwriting capability to give clients the potential to borrow an even higher amount based on their medical and lifestyle conditions.

We also have our Lump Sum Lite Lifetime Mortgage which is designed for those who want to release a one-off lump sum without the option to access a pre-agreed cash facility in the future. It usually allows a higher amount than the Drawdown Lifetime Mortgage, but normally at a higher interest rate.

Or, if your clients are looking for a more flexible option, our Drawdown Lifetime Mortgage allows them access to a cash facility which they can use to ‘draw down’ additional advances as they’re needed.

Your client won’t need to make any repayments on the money borrowed, and will continue to own their home, benefiting from any increase in its value.

*Equity Release Council Q3 2017


Why not try our tools?

Indicative Lifetime Mortgage Calculator - show your clients the total amount they could release from their property.

Lump Sum Plus Lifetime Mortgage Calculator - give your clients with an indication of the maximum loan amount and loan to value available to them.




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Lifetime Mortgages

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