JUST. is one of the UK’s largest providers of lifetime mortgages and has lent more than £2bn in equity release to over 40,000 customers since launching their first equity release plan in 2005.

Providing first class products and service to financial intermediaries and customers is something that Just Retirement Limited has become recognised for and is a key factor that sets them apart from other financial services companies.                                          

The Roll-up Lifetime Mortgage allows your clients a flexible cash facility against which they can draw down cash advances at any time. 

The Lump Sum Plus Lifetime Mortgage is designed to help clients who want access to the maximum possible share of the money locked up in their home.

This plan offers two loan to value (LTV) tiers:

Standard LTV - giving clients quick and easy access to a larger lump sum than would be available through our Roll-up Lifetime Mortgage, but usually at a higher interest rate.

Enhanced LTV - using their expert underwriting capability to give clients the potential to borrow an even higher amount based on their medical and lifestyle conditions. 

With exclusive terms available for CLUB members that help clients reduce costs, this provider can attract large volumes of business. To get a KFI simply call 0845 3022287, it will be emailed to you. Remember, 2% commission is payable for CLUB members. 

For more information, go to: http://www.justadviser.com/

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