Equilaw offers a market leading service equity release legal advice service.  This is recognised by financial advisers and clients alike for its expertise and friendly approach, with no legal jargon – guaranteed!

 Equilaw are recommended by financial advisers across England and Wales for their expertise and client care in the equity release sector.   It is a requirement that your clients visit a solicitor in order to complete their equity release transaction. At Equilaw®, they have the experience and knowledge of the equity release market and constantly review the available products. 

This enables them to give bespoke guidance as to the details of the equity release plan that you have recommended and the legal obligations that attach to it. They do not tread on the toes of the adviser by recommending products or by discussing product suitability.  In their experience, clients prefer to work with financial advisers who work closely with a leading solicitor in the field as it provides added assurance in the equity release process. 

Equilaw’s® service includes: 

• Fixed fee of £390 plus VAT and disbursements (Special deal for members
of Equity Release Club - only for instructions submitted online
Click here)
• Online case tracking service so that you can view the progress of your clients’ cases 24/7 
• Fully case-managed system means that straightforward cases can complete in 30-40 days from file opening, with an overall average turnaround time of 60 days 
• Service standard of 24 to 48 hour turnaround time on all paperwork 
• All of your cases will be dealt with by the same team within Equilaw on each occasion to ensure familiarity and knowledge 
• One port of call for updates 
• Any commission you charge will be paid on the day of completion without fail. This means that your time is not wasted on debt collection 
• Clients will always be seen face-to-face when signing the papers. Where clients do not wish to travel to Gloucester to sign the papers, we have a national database of solicitors who act as our agent for no more than £75 approx (ex VAT) or less to witness signatures and take ID on our behalf. However, all of the guidance required by SHIP in relation to the scheme rests with Equilaw 
• They have very good relationships with the lenders and their solicitors which means that they can assist on process to ensure that cases are dealt with in the most straightforward and efficient manner 
• They can provide training for advisers on their role within the process 
• They are also happy to discuss potential cases, where there is doubt as to whether it is possible to proceed 
• Instructions can be emailed or faxed to us, using the attached form 

Solicitors who dabble in equity release or have not dealt with an equity release before can cause major delays and even cancellations. It is essential that you check that the clients’ solicitor has experience in this sector to ensure the smooth running of the case. 

For more information on how we, at Equilaw®, work with financial advisers please visit our website at Alternatively, please contact Claire Barker on 01452 657999 or  

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