FreeBen is the multi-award winning means tested benefits assessment service for financial advisors

If you are looking for an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution backed up by excellent service then look no further. Since they launched their service in 2009 they have been established as the preferred solution for many of the biggest names in Equity Release in the UK.

They won Best Technology Provider at the Equity Release Awards in 2013 and again in 2014.

FreeBen is really easy to use - just register for a 30-day free trial and they will set you up with access to the system. From there you just log on using any compatible web browser, and create cases via the user-friendly, intuitive interface.

Instantly assess your clients' entitlement to Pension Credit - essential when advising on Lifetime Mortgages and Home Reversions.

Produce UNLIMITED benefits entitlement reports created instantly on your PC or laptop using our Online calculator. View the results, print or save the reports and store the case details so you can retrieve them later.

Use in England, Scotland, Wales AND Northern Ireland

At less than £4 per month, FreeBen is the most cost-effective means tested benefits assessment tool on the market

Club Deal 10% discount in year 1 from £45.00 to £40.50.To find out more use the web:

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