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Do you know who's who?


We're a relatively small team handling all of your queries and providing you with the best service we can!

So here's some more about who is who within Answers In Retirement.




Stuart Wilson

Managing Director


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Following a career working for an International Life company, and a National IFA, I set up the Equity Release Club in 2007 as advisers were not getting the products and support they needed, by bringing lots of advisers together we therefore could drive better value. A clutch of Industry awards later, we decided to expand this model with the launch of the Later Life Academy, AiR Sourcing software and Unity Rewards to further reward members. With over 5000 members now using our services I can be rightfully proud of my team and our members who have all worked tirelessly to ensure access to the very best products and services and therefore I feel we have contributed to better consumer outcome

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When not working (rarely) I can be found in my gardens at home, on my boat (that never works) or fly fishing for dinner!




Jenny Price

Operations Manager



I have been in financial services since 1991 and was instrumental in setting up a successful telesales operation with Sun Life of Canada.  Equity Release is truly my passion after it helped my parents to have a much better and fuller life in their latter years.  I am a bit of a workaholic and can be spotted in the office working at 5 am just because I love what I do.  Having survived  bringing up 3 daughters I enjoy spending as much time as possible with my grandchildren. Travelling is my guilty pleasure having taken my first cruise 2 years ago this is something I want to do much more of.

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Being a Northern Lass I spent my formative years waiting with my dad at the top of the garden on a Saturday afternoon for his racing pigeons to come home, until I discovered that Saturday afternoons were actually for shopping with your friends. Having moved South many years ago I still miss being called 'duckie' by everyone I meet.




Danielle Wilson

Marketing Manager & Unity Rewards Administration


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I spent a long time training to become a qualified Primary school teacher, but after teaching for just 2 years and having 3 children under 4, I realised that teaching was impractical and quickly sought a job role where I could explore my love of creativity and where I could help build something new! And lo and behold I found the job I have now: managing Unity Rewards is a brilliant opportunity to exercise my creativity but I also genuinely enjoy watching the points build up and paying out our advisers for their hard work. I also adore working in my new marketing role, and though I'm still new to this role, I'm having a lot of fun developing ways we can improve our services to our advisers and ways we can keep offering new and exciting things! I work as part of a fantastic team who don't understand the meaning of the word 'can't' and I'm looking forward to all the future endeavours and developments of Answers in Retirement!


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I have 3 children currently: a beautiful son who is 4, and his twin siblings who are almost 16 months old! So my spare time doesn't really qualify as 'spare'! I've also just enrolled onto a part time masters degree in Children's Literature!




Ray McCarthy

Head of Distribution



I've worked in financial services for over 20 years. With previous experience as the owner of a specialist equity release IFA, and previously a BDM, Sales Manager and Mortgage Broker I've experienced financial services from many perspectives. I am a specialist in the later life sector having run a brokerage and worked for several providers.

Well versed in a vast range of modern marketing techniques, including email marketing, blogs, website design, SEO, and PPC digital marketing. In 2016 I designed the AiR sourcing system. I thoroughly enjoy working with the team at Answers In Retirement and working hard with my colleagues to deliver as much value as possible for members of the Later Life Academy and Equity Release Club.

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I had always planned to be an architect until I inadvertently started working for Barclays. I once narrowly escaped a shark attack in the Maldives… at least I thought I did, it turned out to be a large swordfish!





Keri Dunne

Office Manager



Following sun, snow and ski resorts, I decided to come back to the UK from the French Alps and settle down into a permanent full time role. My main motivation for this was the birth of my eldest nephew and I didn’t want to be living in another country and him not know who I am whilst growing up.  Being completely new into the Industry it was quite overwhelming at first but nearly 5 years on I now feel like I am here to stay. I really enjoy working here as I have found an outlet for not only my creative skills but also my IT skills.  With the recent growth of the Equity Release Club and Later Life Academy as well as the Launch of AiR Sourcing and Unity Rewards I am really excited to see where things go in the not too distant future.

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 I love travelling, especially to ski resorts, and I have collected a shot glass from everywhere I have travelled to so far including New York, Paris, Lanzarote and more!  In my spare time I play pool for a couple of local leagues and have previously played for Gloucestershire county ladies, I even won a trophy for being lady of the match. I also enjoy watching various TV series, anything supernatural or sci-fi preferably and I love a good night out with friends.




Steven Turl

Later Life Academy Coordinator



After working in insurance for 12 years I had a complete career change for 6 years and worked as a House Manager in a Special Needs Home/School for 10 - 18 year olds which was very rewarding but very long hours.  I then moved back into office work and joined the company at the start of the Later life Academy being launched. It's been a brilliant journey seeing the Later Life Academy grow and also the AiR sourcing system launch!  And of course getting to know the members and helping as much as we can to provide the holistic later life approach to the market.

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A little bit about me: I Lived on narrow boat for few years on canals, I used to be a Storm-trooper with the 501st charity, I love crafts and reading in my spare time. I also love travelling (love a good hostel)

I am engaged to a Polish ex-priest!




Claire Fletcher

Equity Release Club & Events Coordinator



When I left school I did what most girls do, I trained as a Hairdresser, not enjoying the salon environment I decided a change in career would be good so I decided to go into care work. After doing this for many years and the amount of paper work and long antisocial hours the job entailed, I was looking for an escape. That's when Stuart offered me a job in his company. I had no idea what Equity Release was and how it worked, but I thought why not give it a go! 2 years on I am thoroughly enjoying it. KFI queen and events coordinator, I think the job is going well :) I am currently studying to become an adviser, taking the relevant exams and building my knowledge.

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In my spare time I love to go on holiday, festivals and socialise with my friends. I am a massive Disney fan and Marvel fanatic too! I like to think I'm the bubbly one in the office that cheers everyone up!.....even though they will all probably say annoying them!




Helly Smith

Business Resource Coorindator


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In my previous existence before joining this highly skilled and fully motivated team I have adorned many a hat.  As an Ex-forces wife I have needed to adapt to my surroundings quickly hence my varied skill set as a Customer adviser, Bar tender, Microelectronics Storekeeper, Check Out Operator, Kindergarten Teacher, Bus Escort, Flower Essence Distributor, Facilities Manager, Office manager among others.  My greatest and most challenging role was being a mother and I have 2 wonderful children in their 20’s and I am very much looking forward to becoming a grandmother hopefully soon.  I am excited about this new role and look forward to supporting and becoming an integral part of the team now I have settled in Gloucestershire. 

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As a Lass recently relocated from the Highlands I am sadly missing the haggis hunting season which is currently in full swing!!! I love musicals (much to my families annoyance) and I cannot stand fish of any kind unless its prawn toast or that sardine pate stuff they give you in Portugal at every restaurant.



We are first and foremost a friendly group of hard working individuals, we will put your needs and wishes at the top of our priority lists, always! 

We are professionals, with wide spread expertise in a variety of fields, and welcome any questions or queries you have. 

We are not just robots, automated on the end of the phone. We'll do our best to ensure your receive the best service you can from us, and we'll do it with a smile.




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